Biotech start-up backed by Li Ka-shing and Bill Gates to launch its immunity-boosting gut bacteria in Hong Kong, Singapore

Evolve BioSystems’ dietary supplement works by reintroducing a beneficial gut bacteria that is missing in today’s babies.

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Stopping Superbugs with Friendly Microbes

UC Davis researchers, and Evolve BioSystems founders, explain the key relationship between babies, breastmilk and B. infantis, and how this specific type of bacteria plays a critical role in fighting antimicrobial resistance around the globe.

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The Bacteria Babies Need

In a NY Times Opinion article, author Kristin Lawless explains how scientists at the University of California, Davis, have found that a strain of bacteria called B. infantis that is thought to have been the dominant bacterium in the infant gut for all of human history is disappearing from the Western world.

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The Cutting Edge of Malnutrition Research in India is Inside the Gut

With traditional nutrition programs failing to correct anemia and other forms of malnutrition, researchers are now exploring what role the microbiome in the gut plays in perpetuating these problems.

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Probiotics For Babies And Kids? New Research Explores Good Bacteria

NPR's Allison Aubrey highlights new data supporting infant-specific probiotics, and how moms and clinicians alike are seeing benefits in infants given Evivo. 

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How baby’s first microbes could be crucial to future health

Nature reports how altering the community of bacteria that live in the gut might help infants to thrive or even avoid conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

Read the full Nature article to see how Evolve BioSystems is tackling this challenge head-on. 

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They don’t make baby poop like they did in 1926, that’s for sure. Here’s why scientists care.

Popular Science interviews the co-authors of Evolve Bio's recently published study, to better understand why the pH of American babies' stool has increased significantly over the past 100 years.

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Davis medical startup looking to sell newborn nutrition product to hospitals

Davis-based medical startup announced this week that its nutritional product for newborns, Evivo, could soon be used in hospitals nationwide.

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Startup Sac podcast with Evolve BioSystems

In this episode of the StartupSac podcast, I met up with Tracy Shafizadeh, Director of Scientific Communications for Evolve BioSystems, to chat about this medical technology startup that won last year’s Sacramento Region Innovation Awards in the medical and health technology category.

NPR: Interview with Dr. Mark Underwood

Capital Public Radio's new health reporter, Sammy Caiola, speaks with Dr. Mark Underwood, Chief of Pediatric Neonatology at UC Davis, on how breast milk plays an essential role in balancing bacteria in a newborn's gut microbiome.