ESPGHAN 2017- Visit Evolve Booth #10

Evolve BioSystems is thrilled to participate in the ESPGHAN Annual Meeting 2017, May 10-13th in Prague, Czech Republic.

The European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) is a multi-professional organization whose aim is to promote the health of children with special attention to the gastrointestinal tract, liver and nutritional status. The meeting allows for the dissemination of science-based information, the promotion of best practice in the delivery of care and the provision of high quality education for pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition professionals in Europe and beyond.

Come visit the Evolve booth #10 to learn how we are Rescuing the Infant Gut Microbiome. Research shows that the newborn gut microbiome — the trillions of bacteria that live within the intestinal tract of newborns — plays a critical role in proper immune and metabolic development as well as meeting the newborn’s nutritional needs. Disruption of the newborn gut microbiome can cause both acute and chronic health consequences. Based on novel discoveries of the unique partnership between mammalian milk and a key intestinal bacterium, Evolve has pioneered a microbiome-based approach to solving newborn gut dysbiosis.

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Evolve BioSystems Contact
Tracy Shafizadeh, PhD
Director, Scientific Communications

About Evolve BioSystems
Evolve BioSystems, Inc. is a privately-held microbiome company dedicated to developing the next generation of products to establish, restore, and maintain a healthy human gut microbiome. Evolve is a spin-out from the Foods for Health Institute (FFHI) at the University of California, Davis and builds on more than a decade of research into understanding the unique partnership of the infant gut microbiome and breast milk components. Having led to the discovery and development of products to resolve infant gut dysbiosis, Evolve’s discovery platform is now being applied to solving gut dysbiosis throughout the human life cycle as well as in various animal species. Evolve completed a $9 million Series A capital raise in 2015 and has now successfully completed a milestone proof-of-concept study to demonstrate the efficacy of its initial proprietary offering.  In addition, Evolve is undertaking further clinical studies to build out its offering of microbiome-based solutions across a spectrum of unmet clinical needs.

Tracy Shafizadeh