Dr. David Kyle to Speak at the 2017 Microbiome Human Nutrition Summit

Dr. David Kyle, Chairman and Chief Science Officer of Evolve BioSystems, will be speaking at the Microbiome Human Nutrition Summit in Boston, November 15-16th 2017. Dr. Kyle's talk is titled, "From Dysbiosis to Recovery in the Infant Gut Microbiome: A New Paradigm in Infant Nutrition."

The inaugural Microbiome Human Nutrition Summit is part of the successful “Microbiome Movement” series, a dedicated portfolio of events specifically designed to help translate cutting edge microbiome research into commercially viable products across pharmaceutical, agricultural, and nutritional R&D.

Dr. Kyle will lead the audience through Evolve's current clinical research, and how activated B. infantis EVC001 can restore the newborn gut microbiome. The trillions of bacteria that live within the intestinal tract of newborns play a critical role in proper immune and metabolic development as well as meeting the newborn’s nutritional needs. Disruption of the newborn gut microbiome can cause both acute and chronic health consequences. Based on novel discoveries of the unique partnership between mammalian milk and a key intestinal bacterium, Evolve has pioneered a microbiome-based approach to solving newborn gut dysbiosis.

For more details on the this event, find the conference website here.

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Dr. Tracy Shafizadeh
Director, Scientific Communications


Tracy Shafizadeh