Evolve CSO to Chair Microbiome Therapeutics Conference, Amsterdam

Evolve BioSystems is please to announce that our company's Chairman of the Board and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. David Kyle, will be a chairperson for the upcoming Microbiome Therapeutics Conference in Amsterdam, March 14-16.

Dr. Kyle will be speaking on Thursday, March 15, in a presentation titled "Near Extinction of a Keystone Commensal in the Infant Gut Microbiome, " where he will be sharing our latest research on the widespread dysbiosis of the infant gut. 

The conference is designed for all size pharma/biotech companies and investors seeking to explore new business opportunities and to hear from organizations that have achieved positive translation of microbiome therapeutics into the clinic.

For more information visit the conference website.

For more information on Evolve BioSystems, contact:

Tracy Shafizadeh, PhD

Director, Scientific Communications


Tracy Shafizadeh