Evolve Bio Presenting 2 Key Talks at Nutrition 2018 in Boston

Evolve BioSystems is please to announce that Dr. Bethany Henrick, Director of Immunology and Diagnostics, will be speaking at the upcoming American Society for Nutrition conference, Nutrition 2018, taking place in Boston, June 9-12.

Dr. Henrick will be giving two key talks during the conference. First, she will be speaking on Saturday June 9th, in a presentation titled "B. infantis Stably Restores The Infant Gut Microbiome Over The First Year Of Life In Breastfed Infants," followed by a second talk on Monday, June 11th, titled "Elevated fecal pH indicates a profound reduction of Bifidobacterium in the infant gut over the last century." Both presentations highlight the efficacy of Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001) in restoring the infant gut microbiome, improving gut biochemistry and reducing the abundance of pathogenic bacteria well beyond the first 6 months of life. 

ASN’s new scientific sessions and annual meeting will convene in Boston to focus on the multidisciplinary field of nutrition science. It will bring together basic, translational, clinical, and population scientists and practitioners. Expect interactive exhibits, new technology, and an immersive learning experience!

For more information, please visit the Nutrition 2018 conference website.

For more information on Evolve BioSystems, contact:

Tracy Shafizadeh, PhD

Director, Scientific Communications


Tracy Shafizadeh