Dr. Steve Frese to speak at Animal Microbiome Congress USA

Evolve BioSystems is proud to participate in the Animal Microbiome Congress USA, taking place March 21-22, 2018 in Kansas City! Dr. Steve Frese, Evolve's Associate Director of Research and Development, will be presenting our latest research on the newborn foal gut microbiome in Thursday's session.  

Come join Evolve and Dr. Frese to learn how our animal health product, GlycoGuard® supports a healthy gut microbiome in nursing foals. GlycoGuard, the first oral activated microbial gel for newborn foals, is a combination of two activated beneficial bacteria, B. infantis and L. plantarum, which selectively thrive on mare's milk. When provided to nursing foals immediately after birth, GlycoGuard works along with mare's milk to properly establish the intestinal microflora during these important first few weeks of life.

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To learn more about GlycoGuard, visit us at: www.glycoguard.com

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