Social Media Community Engagement Guidelines

Last updated: Feb 15, 2017

Evolve BioSystems has established a number of social channels meant to serve as educational, informational, and supportive forums for communities to engage with. These platforms are meant to be safe and open for all participants engaging with each other and the Evolve BioSystems brand.

In order to promote an active community, the Evolve BioSystems’ staff monitors these channels and do their best to talk openly about topics relevant to our community, answering questions, and listening to feedback from participants.

By engaging with the content on our social channels (through a post, comment, or reply to an existing post), you are agreeing to adhere to our Community Engagement Guidelines. To ensure these channels remain safe platforms for community members to engage with each other and with Evolve BioSystems, we reserve the right to disallow or remove content including but not limited to text, picture, or images are:

  • obscene, vulgar, or unlawful;
  • offensive or containing derogatory terms of any kind;
  • threats or mention attacking fellow participants;
  • libelous, slanderous, or comments demeaning characteristics;
  • harassment or bullying against other participants;
  • false, inaccurate, or misleading information including repetitive posting of SPAM;
  • aggressive or with any threat of violence;
  • promoting or endorsing a third-party product, political view, or service of any kind.

Offenders of these guidelines may have comments removed or after repeat offenses, blocked from the Evolve BioSystems social channels without warning. Staff running the pages will exercise judgement and ensure this policy is carried out fairly and consistently. As active participants in our community, we welcome members to flag any posts that violate our policies or may be offensive to the community. Our team reserves the right to evaluate comments or posts not included in the community guidelines and remove if deemed offensive or harmful to our community. Staff can also modify or change guidelines at any time, without notice.

Community members should refrain from sharing any personal information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc., in public posts. If our staff requests this information, always send in a private message such as direct message, InMail, email, or private message. Additionally, any and all content made public on social pages can be repurposed for Evolve BioSystems’ content, with identifying information removed. If staff plans to use any assets you have shared via your own social channels, staff will notify users to let you know the content is being repurposed. Assets that can be repurposed include but are not limited to text, photos, links, video, or gifs.

Please keep in mind that while our social team is knowledgeable about topics included in posts, no information posted on social pages should be considered or interpreted as medical or professional advice. For any medical or professional decisions, please consult with a health care professional. Any action taken based on information from these social pages is considered at your own risk.